The mission of the ARIZONA BUDDHIST TEMPLE is to encourage Sangha:

1) to learn the joyful and compassionate teachings of Amida Buddha;

2) to practice these teachings in their daily lives; and

3) to share the teachings with others.

All beings be happy. May they be joyous and live in safety. All living beings, whether weak or strong, tall or short, big or small, visible or not visible, near or far away, already born or yet to be born. May all beings be happy.


May no one deceive or look down on anyone anywhere, for any reason. Whether through feeling angry or through reacting to someone else, may no one want another to suffer. May all beings be happy.


Minister’s Message

Rev. Jundo Gregory Gibbs - May 2016




    May is a month with two important observances for American Jodo Shinshu

Buddhists. All Jodo Shinshu followers, numbering, perhaps 30 million world-wide, will

celebrate Gotan-E this month, Shinran Shonin’s birthday. This is called Gotan-E (literally

Founder’s Day) and although his birthday is specifically May 21 st , our temples all around

the globe, will each celebrate the event sometime in May, as accords other scheduling

issues. At the Arizona Buddhist Temple, Shinran’s birthday observance will be May 15 th

at 10 am.


   On May 1 st the temple will observe its Shotsuki Hoyo. This is a day in which all the

former members who passed away in May will be honored. I will be joining you for the

service on the second Sunday of the month as is usual. That will be May 8 th this month.

Besides a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist service at 10 am, the 8 th will be the national

commemoration of Mother’s Day.


   Mothers Day was instituted not just as a tribute to mothers, but as a call for peace.

It was after the Civil War that American mothers got together to establish a

commemoration in the hope that other American mothers would not have to lose their

sons to warfare. Now there are both sons and daughters to worry about. Let us embrace

the original spirit of Mothers’ Day and resist unnecessary warfare.


   In truth, if we can spread the Dharma widely the willingness to use war as a

means to security will wither on this planet. The fact that it is an election year means, all

other considerations being equal, Buddhists will favor candidates to espouse peaceful,

diplomatic solutions to conflict. Conflict itself will never disappear totally for biological

persons, so we must find decent ways of coping with it. Death can, and will be held off

and its pain mitigated by medicine and by spiritual conviction. Yet, over time, we will

still lose those we love. So, … Buddhists in the USA also find Memorial day an important

time for appreciation. How do we repay the uncle who gave his life in WWII? How do we

repay the mother who gave us life? No full repayment is possible, but if we live our lives

well, happily and decently, it is the most we can do. Stopping a short while to recall our

indebtedness is part of decency and Memorial Day, at the end of this month is a time for

appreciation, a good time for thankfulness.






Sunday, May 1st

09:00 am - Q&A Session

10:00 am - Dharma Service, Shotsuki Hoyo, April Birthday Sunday

11:00 am - Dharma Class


Sundaay, May 8th

08:30 am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Dharma Service 

11:30 am - Mother's Day Brunch


Sunday, May 15th

09:00 am - Q&A Session,

Fujinkai Meeting

10:00 am - Dharma Service, Gotan-e Infant Presentation

11:00 am - Dharma Class


Sunday, May 22nd

08:30 am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Dharma Service, May Birthday Sunday 

11:00 am - Dharma Class


Sunday, May 27th to 29th

Memorial Weekend Service





Saturday, June 11th

05:00 pm - Obon Festival

06:45 pm - Bon Dance and Taiko Performance


Sunday, June 12th

10:00 am - Obon Dharma Service (Rev. Mas Kodani) Hatsubon Service



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