The mission of the ARIZONA BUDDHIST TEMPLE is to encourage Sangha:

1) to learn the joyful and compassionate teachings of Amida Buddha;

2) to practice these teachings in their daily lives; and

3) to share the teachings with others.

All beings be happy. May they be joyous and live in safety. All living beings, whether weak or strong, tall or short, big or small, visible or not visible, near or far away, already born or yet to be born. May all beings be happy.


May no one deceive or look down on anyone anywhere, for any reason. Whether through feeling angry or through reacting to someone else, may no one want another to suffer. May all beings be happy.

Sunday, October 2nd

9:00 am - Q&A session

10:00 am - Temple Service

11:00 am - Dharma School Class


Sunday, October 9th

8:30 am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Temple Service, Shotsuki Service

11:00 am - Dharma School Class


Sunday, October 16th

9:00 am - Q&A Session

10:00 am - Temple Service

11:00 am - Dharma School Class


Sunday, October 23rd 

8:30 am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Temple Service

11:00 am - Dharma School Class


Sunday, October 30th

10:00 am - Temple Service

1130 am - Halloween Potluck Party

Birthday Sunday for Month of October



Dharma Message

Gakubutsu Vonn Magnin - October 2016



Last Month, Rev. Sugiyama began one of his Dharma Messages with a quote from our founder, Shinran Shonin:



There was a time for each of you when you knew nothing of Amida’s Vow and did not say the Name of Amida Buddha, but now, guided by the compassionate means of Sakyamuni and Amida, you have begun to hear the Vow…



This has always been one of my favorite quotes from Shinran and it comes from a letter he wrote about 10 years before his death. It was intended to be shared with fellow travelers on the nembutsu path. I imagine that he felt this applied to himself as well. There was a time for each of you…



For me, there was most certainly a “time.” It wasn’t like I was in the throes of despair, but I definitely felt spiritually lost and incomplete. Have you ever felt this way? When we realize the Buddha is calling to us, it’s a most beautiful thing. When this happens we become more sure of ourselves and confident that we are heading in the right direction. For me, I consider all the causes and conditions, both seen and unseen, that brought me to the Arizona Buddhist Temple to listen to the nembutsu teachings many years ago as the Buddha calling me. When I first encountered the passage above some years ago, I was brought to tears as I could remember the time in my life when I was unaware of the Buddha’s calling.



Even if you were born into Shin Buddhism and have attended a temple all your life, the Buddha is calling you, too. Amida Buddha calls to each of us every day of our lives reminding us that all is well and is as it should be. Like a mother calling to her adult child as he leaves her house, “your home will always be here,” so too does the Buddha’s Vow remind us that our home is ready for us when we are done with this life.



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