The mission of the ARIZONA BUDDHIST TEMPLE is to encourage Sangha:

1) to learn the joyful and compassionate teachings of Amida Buddha;

2) to practice these teachings in their daily lives; and

3) to share the teachings with others.

All beings be happy. May they be joyous and live in safety. All living beings, whether weak or strong, tall or short, big or small, visible or not visible, near or far away, already born or yet to be born. May all beings be happy.


May no one deceive or look down on anyone anywhere, for any reason. Whether through feeling angry or through reacting to someone else, may no one want another to suffer. May all beings be happy.


Sunday, February 5th

9:00 am - Q&A Session

10:00 am - Dharma Service

11:00 am - Dharma Class


Sunday, February 12th

8:30am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Shotsuki Hoyo

11:00 am - Dharma School Friendship Party


Sunday, February 19th

8:30am - Meditation Class

10:00 am - Dharma Service

11:00 am - Dharma School

Birthday Sunday


Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th

Arizona Matsuri

at Heritage & Science Park, Phoenix


No Temple Service


We need volunteers!

Please contact

Betsy Matusmoto or Kris Nakashima

for more details



Dharma Message

Gakubutsu Vonn Magnin - February 2017



  Greetings, Dharma Friends! As I am writing this, we are just two days away from inaugurating the 45th President of the United States of America. By the time you receive the February Prajna in the mail, several days will have passed since this event happened. I am wondering: how are you feeling about our new President?


  Ever since the November election, I have been trying to comprehend how I am feeling about our Nation and our future as Americans. I’m sure that I am not alone in my efforts to reflect on what the outcome of the election means. In speaking with my extended family and many friends from all walks of life, I have discovered that they possess countless and diverse thoughts and opinions on the matter. Some are excited and hopeful while others are cautious and anxious. Although I believe that I am an optimistic person most of the time, right now I feel like I am in the latter group concerning my outlook for the immediate future of our Country.


  So what can we do? Being anxious is a normal human feeling and one that most of us cannot escape from despite our best efforts to be mindful and calm beings. After all we are not Buddhas, yet! When we don’t know what to expect from the future it is natural to be anxious sometimes. We must allow ourselves to experience these feelings as they happen and remind ourselves that they will pass in time, too. Our anxiety can be like drops of dew on blades of grass – impermanent.


  So what can we do? When we feel uncertain of what our future may bring – whether it’s our new President, the health of our loved ones, or our own wellbeing – it is important to try to bring ourselves back to the present moment, to realize that each day we have is precious. Every day we wake up is an opportunity to live our lives as beings possessed of courage and hope – or as beings who can bring comfort to others when they are anxious and afraid, when they feel that all hope may be lost.


  When I think about all of my Dharma Friends, whether they are members of our Sangha or not, and how we bring comfort to each other, my anxiety of the future lessens and my optimism increases. This makes me think of Amida Buddha’s Vow. For the Vow acknowledges and takes into account all of our normal, human conditions – including our anxieties. When we recognize the active working of Amida’s Vow in our lives, our anxieties are lessened and we slowly awaken to the realization that there is no need to worry about our ultimate future… it is already settled. 


  So, whether you are anxious or not about America’s new beginning – and, yes, as Buddhists we know it to be a new beginning – let us remember to have hope; and, for those who may be in need of some comforting let us bring hope to them by the way we choose to live our lives in this moment of uncertainty.


  Namo Amida Butsu


Arizona Buddhist Temple Women's Club

Betsy Matsumoto


  The 2017 Matsuri Festival is on Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26 at the Heritage and Science Park in downtown Phoenix. This is our biggest fundraiser, so please put these days on your calendar. 


  If you would like to help but do not have a Food Handler’s card, we ask that you take the test. Maricopa County is no longer issuing the Food Service Worker Photo ID cards but a card or certificate can be obtained by taking a test with a ANSI-accredited food handler training program. A list of the accredited programs can be found on www.ansica.org. More information can be found on the Food Service Worker Card – Maricopa County website.


  For those who will be helping with the Matsuri food preparations at the Temple and helping in the food booth at the Heritage and Science Center in downtown Phoenix, please wear a hat; and, if you have long hair, put it in a ponytail. For those who do not bring a hat, we will have hair bonnets for you to wear. We want to thank in advance to everyone who helped.


  Also, we are missing some aprons. If anyone has taken it home to wash and not returned to the Temple, please do so as soon as possible. The BWA will be ordering more aprons for the big event.


  We would like to thank everyone who continues to support the thrift store. We are taking donations; and, if large items need to be transported, please ask Kathy Inoshita or Betsy Matsumoto. 



President's Message


Chuck Matsumoto - January 2017




Dear Sangha,


  2016 seems to have gone by so quickly. I have been busy participating in many Southern District and BCA programs as well as holding office as the Southern District YBL Advisor.


  This year, Fujinkai has opened up a thrift store with the help of the Sangha. This has helped bring additional income to the Temple. I would like for everyone to consider making an end of the year donation so that we can continue spreading the Dharma.


  Unfortunately for 2017, I will have to step down as your President. Just recently I’ve been diagnosed with cancer so I will be concentrating more on my health and family. I have been president for the past 17 years and have really enjoyed serving as your president. I have every confidence that our Board, coupled with the leadership of Lynn, Mike, and Vonn, will successfully guide our Temple for the future.


  I would like to thank everyone for all of their support and dedication to not only the Temple, but to me and my family as well. It has been an honor to serve the Temple and all of you.


In Gassho,


Chuck Matsumoto.



4142 W Clarendon Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85019

Phone: (602) 278-0036

Fax: (623) 738-3927