2 Cups Mochigome (Sweet Rice)

1/2 Cup Dried Azuki Beans

1-2 tsp. Salt (optional)




Soak azuki beans overnight or 5-6 hours in water. After soaking the beans, cook at least 30-40 minutes. Do not overcook.  Save liquid. Add salt, if using, when finished cooking.


Wash mochigome and soak overnight or at least 5 hours. Drain 45 minutes before microwaving. Put mochigome and azuki in large microwaveable container (2 1/2 qt. Corning ware is fine). Add 1 1/2 cups liquid (including the azuki water).  Cover and microwave 4 minutes at high (600 watts or over). Take out and stir. Repeat 3 more times and let the rice stand at least 3 minutes in the microwave at the end.  The rice will be ready in 19 minutes. When ready to serve sprinkle with Sesame Salt (Gomashio). Makes 25 nigiri using a mold. 


“There is a custom to eat Sekihan on happy occasion such as birthday, wedding, and holidays because of its red color which symbolizes happiness."


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